The Thrift Store

Where you can purchase good quality used and new items at VERY LOW PRICES!

The purpose of The Salvation Army Thrift Store is to raise funds to help support the community programs we offer, by efficiently and ethically recycling and selling donated clothing and other goods. We strive to provide an environment which is beneficial to the development and well-being of our customers, volunteers and staff.

10% Discount for persons 50 yrs.+ (new mattresses excluded)

10% Discount when you show us your student card (Regular priced clothing, footwear and accessories only)

As our "Thank You" we will display your business card NO CHARGE!

Orthopedic Royale II (390 open coil, insulator pad, quilted 2 layers comfort foam) and new adjustable frames (Twin to Queen) manufactured at MacGregor Sleep Products in Dieppe. One year full warranty (with purchase receipt)


We are always looking for items to be donated to the Thrift Store. If you have good quality items or furniture that you no longer need, why not consider donating them to The Salvation Army. Through the sale of these items, we are able to raise the funds necessary to help those in need in our community.

PLEASE ensure that the items are not damaged, stained or worn out before donating them. If we are unable to re-sell the items in the Thrift Store and we cannot recycle them, we must pay to have them disposed of. This can be costly and adversely affect our ability to provide services and programs in the Community.

We are looking for 100% COTTON from clothing or bed sheets - TO CUT AND SELL TO LOCAL BUSINESSES IN BAGS OF RAGS.


The Salvation Army Thrift Store strictly abides by The Hazardous Products Act administered by Health Canada and will not sell or give away products that do not meet the requirements of the Hazardous Products Act.

Please be aware of the following when making donations:

(Most of the items listed MUST have the information that identifies the manufacturer, model number and the date of manufacture clearly displayed). If the label with this information is missing, we are unable to accept the item.)

BABY GATES - we do not accept gates with the large diamond-shaped or large "V" openings at the top. These are not allowed to be sold in Canada.

BABY WALKERS - We do not accept baby walkers.

CAR SEATS - must meet the Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standard. Call Transport Canada before donating/re-selling to see if the seat has been recalled.

CHILDREN'S JEWELLRY/TOYS - we are unable to sell items that have painted or decorative coatings containing lead.

CHILDREN'S SLEEPWEAR - we are unable to sell loose-fitting sleepwear made of cotton or cotton-blends (except for tight-fitting sleepers or polo pyjamas) due to strict flammability requirements.

CHILDREN'S CLOTHING - all drawstrings will be removed from children's clothing before being re-sold.

CRIBS - we cannot re-sell cribs made before September, 1986 as they do not meet safety standards. We do not accept cribs with visible damage, missing parts or warning information sticker.

PLAYPENS - we do not sell playpens with protruding bolts, worn or faulty mechanisms or torn vinyl or mesh.

STROLLERS - Strollers made before 1985 may not meet current safety standards and must not be re-sold.

INFANT BATH SEATS AND BATH RINGS - we will not re-sell these items, because the suction cups or other means of attaching to a tub can be ineffective.

HOCKEY HELMETS/FACE PROTECTORS - we cannot accept or re-sell these items if the CSA Sticker is removed, the chin strap is missing, is older than five years, or shows visible signs of damage, parts missing or has been subjected to a major impact.

LAWN DARTS - with elongated tips are banned in Canada

USED BICYCLE AND ROLLERBLADING HELMETS - it is not recommended that we re-sell these products.

WINDOW BLINDS - Products with looped pull-cords and those without inner cord stop devices and important safety labeling, will not be re-sold.

The Salvation Army Thrift Store is not the store of the past. Today most of the items in the Thrift Store are almost as good as new and some are new. The prices are very reasonable and more items are donated daily. If you cannot find something today in the Thrift Store, maybe tomorrow you can. Chances are someone you know shops at The Thrift Store.

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The Thrift Store
Where you can purchase good quality used and new items at VERY LOW PRICES
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